Sustainable Futures
The most sustainable building is the one that already exists. As an upcycled building, The Sans is a model example of credible environmental design.

Ilna Patel,

These outstanding workspaces are for the conscious occupier looking to achieve its net-zero targets and those of its stakeholders. The Sans refurbishment seeks to minimise its environmental impact whilst maximising its operational efficiency and sustainability. This will be achieved by maintaining the original concrete frame saving significant amounts of embodied carbon, removing the gas supply to decarbonise the building, and a green roof is being added to enhance biodiversity.
Net-Zero Goals
The Sans is currently on track to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’ for the design stage assessment through:
  1. 1 Transport
  2. 2 Water
  3. 3 Pollution
  4. 4 Waste
  5. 5 Land Use
  6. 6 Materials
  7. 7 Management
  8. 8 Health & Well-Being
  9. 9 Energy